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Cattleya Species

Collecting select and awarded Cattleya species has been a passion of mine for many years. The collection now contains over 700 selected plants!  Recently, I started breeding the “best of the best” in an effort to provide these superior and often hard to find Cattleya species available for the hobbyist.


SVO 6918      
Psh. cochleata (Psh. cochleata 'Pepe' x self)

This plant has an interesting provenance. It was collected over 70 years ago in the hills above the town of Suchilquitongo in Oaxaca, Mexico, by a young man (at that time) whose responsibility was to pasture the family's goats and cow.  After several seasons on the job he began to notice the native orchids flowering in the trees and selected this plant as the best he had seen. He brought it down from the hills and placed it on a tree in his yard.  Over the years, this plant grew into a huge specimen, and one of my longtime workers, Pepe, asked the now-old man for a division.  This plant bloom with 11-13 flowers open at one time, far more than the usual 4-6 that are typical for this species.  The high flower count makes a great show!  This plant grows well and has long-lasting flowers, blooming for months at a time. It is an excellent beginner's plant, commonly known as the “cockleshell orchid.”
3” pots $14

SVO 7002      
C. trianae (C. trianae 'Newberry' x C. trianae 'Cashens' FCC/AOS)

These are two exceptional cultivars, with excellent floral characteristics: superb petal width, beautiful lips, rich color, heavy substance and good plant vigor.  This is a great pairing, and excellent progeny are expected.
3” pots $20


** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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