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2022 Sunset Valley Orchids
Australian Dendrobium

Australian Dendrobiums are bred with species that originate from Australian species. The Aussies have done an amazing job in the breeding of their native Dens and have made significant improvements in recent years.  These wonderful hybrids are very popular in Australia, and rightfully so!

Here in the USA we rarely see the advanced hybrids for sale.  We do see D. kingianum and D. speciosum, and anyone who grows these species knows how robust they are.  In general, Aussie Dendrobiums are very hardy.  They do well with hot summers (75-95 deg. days) and cool winters (40-55 deg. nights).  I have been trialing them all over the USA, and customers have reported good success.  The flowers are nicely fragrant and will fill the growing area with a wonderful aroma.  Most importantly, they re-flower from old pseudobulbs, which allows for an increasingly outstanding floral display as plants mature.  I have seen plants produce 15 inflorescences from a single bulb over a 5 year period; now THAT is a nice feature!  A tendency toward vigorous growth plus this re-flowering characteristic make for plants that form beautiful specimens in a relatively short period of time.

Sunset Valley Orchids is the leading hybridizer of Aussie Dens in the USA.  We have been acquiring high-quality plant material for many years and have developed a superior collection of breeding stock.  This season we've focused on breeding yellow flowers with red markings, a highly desirable color form.

SVO 9734       NEW
Den. Easter Parade (Den. Mini Pearl x Den. speciokingianum)

This is a selfing of Den. Easter Parade ‘Lise’ AM/AOS.  When awarded the plant had 368 flowers on 46 inflorescences!  The flower petals are beautifully brushed in lavender. Here we are expecting the white flowers to be beautifully brushed in lavender. These are fast to mature plants with a compact growth habit standing less than 12” tall.  These also have flowers that last 3-4 weeks an excellent trait for Aussie Dens!
3” pots $18

Den. Mini Pearl Den. speciokingianum

SVO 9680       NEW
Den. Victorian Jazz (Den. Gillieston Jazz 'Steven' x Den. Victorian Bride 'Genesis')
Gillieston Jazz (Den. Peewee x Den. Zip) has the best deep purple-red flowers. In Australia they say the color is "beet root" - an amazing color for an Aussie Den.  The plant is also very compact and free flowering. Victorian Bride (Den. Rutherford Blushing Bride x Den. Aussie Victory) has 'chunky' flowers with a white background color and dark purple markings.  Here we are expecting dark purple-red flowers on multiple upright spikes per bulb. These fast to mature plants will also be a compact growing standing less than 12” tall.
3” pots $18

Den. Gillieston Jazz 'Steven' Den. Victorian Bride 'Genesis'


SVO 9679       NEW
(Den. Purple Zip 'SVO' x Den. King Zip 'Red Splash' AM/AOS)
This is a compact Aussie Dendrobium mature plants will only stand about 8” tall. Both parents are excellent growers and prolific bloomers. They both have white flowers with bold dark purple-red marking making for a dramatic, eye-catching look!   The parents of Purple Zip are (Zip Charm x Purple Cluster) and King Zip (Den. Kathking x Den. Zip).  A highly recommended cross.
3” pots $18

Den. Purple Zip 'SVO' Den. King Zip 'Red Splash' AM/AOS


SVO 8151
Den Royal Vista (Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO' x Den. speciosum 'Goldilocks')

Here we have used 'Golidlocks' it flowers with many outstanding yellow blooms, and there are up to 80 per inflorescence.  As with SVO 7712, this is a very promising cross and is not to be missed.
3” pots $18

Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO' Den. speciosum 'Goldilocks'


SVO 8155
Den Royal Vista (Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO' x Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC)

Same as 7712
3” pots $18

Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO' Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC


SVO 7678 
Den. Ruben Colmenares 'Big Daddy' x Den. Victorian Regency 'Red Stripe'
The flowers of this Ruben Colmenares (Regal Gillieston x Hilda Poxon) are very large! they are produced on sturdy stems of 12-14 yellow-green flowers, deeply blushed with magenta that make a striking color combination.  Victorian Regency (Jesmond Sparkler x Aussie Parade) have the classic shape influenced by tetragonum. The flowers are chunky in yellow with dark red stripes along the margins of the petals and sepals. These will be starry shaped flowers in yellow and red, they will be quick to mature and full-grown plants will stand at 10” tall.
3” pots $18

Den. Ruben Colmenares 'Big Daddy' Den. Victorian Regency 'Red Stripe'


SVO 7701   
[(Den. Sunny Vista x Dunokayla) 'Chunky Gold') x Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO']

'Chunky Gold' has an amazing, large, full-shaped flower with a memorable golden color. Strong plants produce upright stems of 15 or more blooms. Regal Gillieston has a superb plant habit and beautiful light-yellow flowers with a blush of red and a solid red lip. I am expecting full 'chunky'-shaped flowers with great color and flower habit. Mature plants will be 12-14” tall.
3” pots $18

(Den. Sunny Vista x Dunokayla) 'Chunky Gold') Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO'


SVO 7712  
Den Royal Vista (Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO'x Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC)

Regal Gillieston has an excellent plant habit and lovely light-yellow flowers with a blush of red and a solid red lip. Den. speciosum 'Windermere' is considered by many Australians to be perhaps the best-breeding speciosum, as it allows color from the other parent to come through in the offspring. It's a great flower producer, with inflorescences that can carry 60 or more light yellow flowers per inflorescence. This type of breeding makes for great flower color and high bloom count. When speciosum is in the immediate background of a hybrid like this, plant size is a recessive trait. These will have a maximum height of 12-14” tall. I believe this is one of the most promising Aussie Dendrobium crosses, and already the seedlings are showing excellent vigor. A definite must-have!
3” pots $18

Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO' Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC


SVO 7713
Den Royal Vista (Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO' x Den. speciosum 'Beechwood' HCC/AOC)

Here we have used 'Beechwood' with its excellent, medium yellow flowers, up to 80 per inflorescence.  As with SVO 7712, this is a very promising cross and not to be missed.
3” pots $18

Den. Regal Gillieston 'SVO' Den. speciosum 'Beechwood' HCC/AOC


Australian Dendrobium 4” pot listing

SVO 7282       NEW
(Den.  Golden Vista 'Big & Bold' x Den. speciosum 'Windermere’ HCC/AOC)
Chunky Australian native flowers are a good thing.Golden Vista (Class x Star of Gold) has those chunky flowers, great color and bloom size. The renowned for its breeding capabilities of ‘Windermere’ will allow the flower color to come through increase flower count and improve stem length.  All in all this is a great pairing for chunky light yellows.
4”pots $25

Den.  Golden Vista 'Big & Bold' Den. speciosum 'Windermere’ HCC/AOC


SVO 6534
Den. NEW HYBRID (Den. Yondi Blush  'SVO #2' x 
Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC)
Yondi Blush (Yondi x Peewee) has an a nice flower arangement and presentation on its  strong stem. Flowers are light yellow with a red blush and red lip. The cultivar 'Windermere' is well documented to be recessive for color and will greatly increase flower quantity without much influence on plant size.
4” pots $30

Den. Yondi Blush  'SVO #2' Den. speciosum 'Windermere' HCC/AOC







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