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Coerulea (blue) Cattleyas

In Cattleyas the ‘coerulea’ color or ‘blue’ as it is referred to, is very intriguing and rare in nature. In the early years of blue breeding there were not many known species, so breeding was limited to a few possibilities. Today, we have many species and hybrids to breed with, and the quality of blue flowers has been improving rapidly. Don’t miss the spotted blue crosses…These are a great addition for the discriminating collector.

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SVO 6779
Lc. Moonlight Dream (C. intermedia f. aquinii coerulea 'SVO Blue Splash' x Lc. Love Knot f. coerulea 'SVO' HCC/AOS)

C. intermedia is a reliable March blooming plant.  The cultivar 'SVO Blue Splash' has excellent dark coerulea blue flares of color on the petals.  Love Knot (C. walkeriana x L. sincorana) has good coerulea blue color with very flat form on plants only 4” tall.  This cross will begin to bloom in 3” pots and be fully grown in 4” pots.  They will be excellent bloomers in March/April, producing coerulea blue flowers flared with darker blue.
3” pots $14

SVO 6781      
Lc. NEW HYBRID (Lc. Blue Rose 'Dark Blue' x Lc. Love Knot f. coerulea 'SVO' HCC/AOS)

Recently registered Blue Rose (Lc. Floralia's Azul x Lc. Tahoe Rose) has beautifully formed flowers of surprisingly large size in coerulea blue and a darker blue lip, all on a compact plant.  Love Knot (C. walkeriana x C. sincorana) has good color and a very flat flower presentation on plants only 4” tall.  I am predicting that these will have 4” flowers on 5” plants - Wow!  The color will be coerulea blue with darker blue lips.  This is a really good one!
3” pots $14

SVO 6810
C. NEW HYBRID (C. Leoloddiglossa 'SVO Speckled Blue' FCC/AOS x C. loddigesii f. coerulea 'Blue Sky' AM/AOS)

Have you ever imagined a flower with coerulea sepals peppered with darker blue spots and petals flared in blue? This cross could be the first! C. Leoloddiglossa has been a remarkable hybrid. It is the first highly successful coerulea (blue) flower spotted with darker coerulea spots!! The lineage contains three Cattleya species: leopoldii, loddigesii, amethystoglossa, thus the name: Leoloddiglossa (leo-loddi-glossa). 'SVO Baby Blue' has excellent shape and color, and carries 20 or more well-presented flowers. C. loddigesii 'Blue Sky' is still one of the nicest coerulea forms of the species, even though it was recognized with its AM/AOS in 1984, over 33 years ago! This cultivar blooms with flat flowers having nice color and a darker lip. It also produced 4-5 flowers per inflorescence.  With this grex, we are expecting an overall improvement in flower form along with wider segments, flatter shape, larger flowers and, of course, coerulea color and darker spotting with darker blue lips. For contrast, these flowers will have a bright yellow spot centrally. This is an exceptional cross and the very latest in coerulea Cattleya breeding.  Don't miss these!
3” pots $18

SVO 6815T
C. Gaudii f. coerulea (C. loddigesii f. coerulea 'Blue Sky' AM/AOS x C. leopoldii f. coerulea 'Kathleen' JC/AOS)

Coerulea color forms of bifoliate cattleyas are rare, and these first hybrids are turning out to be spectacular! I first offered C. Gaudii f. coerulea in 2013, and here is the description I wrote then: In the past this grex was called C. Hybrida when C. leopoldii was considered C. guttata.   This will be the most desirable as they will be coerulea blue!  Bifoliate coerulea flowers are very rare and collectable with the most desirable having blue spots.  Mature plants will have heads of 10 or more blue flowers.  The first use of coerulea parents in this grex. Don't miss out on these.” Those plants sold out in just a few weeks, and it's been a long wait to produce another batch. Those first plants from 2013 are now reaching maturity and blooming with strong stems of 9-11 flowers in a beautiful shade of coerulea blue with darker spotting. For this remake, the plants have been treated (T) with Oryzalin, a chemical used to convert diploids into tetraploids. I am expecting some exceptional plants from this remake. Limited supply.
3” pots $25

SVO 6828
C. NEW HYBRID (C. Leoloddiglossa 'Dark Blue' x C. Pittiae 'Blue Spots')

This is the next generation of darker blue spotted breeding!  With this new grex, we are looking for bold spots, broad lips and a shorter plant habit.  Leoloddiglossa is made up of three coerulea forms of the Cattleya species: leopoldii, loddigesii, and amethystoglossa, thus the name leo-loddi-glossa.  These have been really nice - check out the pictures: Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3 So how do you make Leoloddiglossa better?  Add the coerulea form of C. Pittiae (C. schilleriana x C. loddigesii), which, in addition to being a spotted coerulea flower, has a bright yellow dot in the lip. It really makes the flowers pop, and I expect this feature to be transmitted to the offspring.  I am really looking forward to flowering these!
3” pots $22

SVO 6829
C. Poseidon Lake (C. bicolor v. coerulea 'SVO' x C. Leoloddiglossa 'SVO Speckled Blue' FCC/AOS)

How do you make Leoloddiglossa (Loddiglossa x leopoldii) better?  Add bicolor!  The broad bicolor lip will improve the lip width of the progeny.  I expect the flowers to be similar in color, shape and number to Leoloddiglossa, but much wider lips will give a fullness not previously seen.  This is very nice, unique hybrid, with excellent vigor.  Not to be missed! Check out this first to bloom Picture.
3” pots $14

SVO 6849
C. Becky Culver (C. Loddiglossa f. coerulea 'SVO' x C. bicolor f. coerulea 'SVO')

Loddiglossa (C. loddigesii x C. amethystoglossa) is the parent of several very successful blue spotted hybrids.  It blooms with 15+ flowers in light coerulea blue with a few fine blue spots.  The addition of bicolor will add a broad lip and deep color.  Flowers will be light coerulea with darker coerulea blue lips, and a few may even have green flowers and blue lips.  These are growing really well and seem to be very vigorous.
3” pots $18


** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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