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Fall 2018-2019 Paphiopedilum List




SVO 2282
Paph. delenatii (Paph. delenatii '1/2 album' x Paph. delenatii f. album 'SVO White Knight' HCC/AOS)

Lots of album genes here…  We expect most to be light pink flowers of good size and shape. These are strong, blooming-size plants that are showing lots of vigor. Blooming size
4” pots $20

SVO 5462
Paph. philippinense f. alboflavum (Paph. philippinense f. alboflavum 'SVO' AM/AOS x self)

The alboflavum form of philippinense is hard to find these days.  The parent plant is an excellent grower, flowering freely with 6-7 flowers on long arching stems.  The seedlings are exhibiting good vigor.
4” pots $35

SVO 5871 
Paph. hirsutissimum f. album (Paph. hirsutissimum f. album 'SVO' x Paph. hirsutissimum f. album 'Superb' )

Here is a very choice color form of this desirable species.  The parents are highly selected; both have excellent plant vigor, flower color and stems.  This is one of those 'must haves'.
4” pots $35

SVO 5879
Paph. delenatii (Paph. delenatii 'SVO VIII' AM/AOS x Paph. delenatii 'SVO VI' HCC/AOS)

With delenatii we have lots of genetics to choose from, as we have 10 AOS-awarded plants in our collection.  Here we selected two particularly well-flowered and vigorous parents for this cross.  Here is a picture of Carlos with a tray of first blooming plants, showing the excellent overall quality. 
4” pots $25

SVO 5883 
Paph. delenatii (Paph. delenatii 'SVO VII' HCC/AOS x Paph. delenatii 'SVO III' HCC/AOS)

As with SVO 5879, two outstanding parents were used in this cross.  Plants are exhibiting excellent vigor.
4” pots $25

SVO 5922 
Paph. glaucophyllum v. moquettianum (Paph. glaucophyllum v. moquettianum 'Baker's Passion' FCC/AOS x Paph. glaucophyllum v. moquettianum 'SVO')

Top breeding here!  'Baker's Passion' was awarded an FCC/AOS, which says a lot about the flower quality.  When Brent Baker purchased his FCC/AOS plant, there were two in flower. I kept 'SVO', which we felt was the best, and Brent got the second best.  His plant got an FCC!   It might be a good idea to exhibit the 'SVO' plant someday…   Excellent potential for very high quality flowers.
4” pots $35



SVO 1981        
Paph. NEW HYBRID (Paph. Transvaal 'Merienda Lane' HCC/AOS x Paph. Shin Yi's Pride 'SVO' AM/AOS)

This type of breeding has produced excellent results. Transvaal (chamberlainianum x rothschildianum) will improve the dorsal width and add spotted petals. Shin Yi's Pride (Michael Koopowitz x rothschildianum) will add large flower size, bold coloring and five blooms per stem. These plants are strong growers and near blooming size! I expect them to look like the very successful cross, Lebeau (Transvaal x rothschildianum). Whoa!!! Check out this first to bloom...these are going to be great! Don't miss out.
5” pots $85

SVO 5456
Paph. NEW HYBRID (Paph. Angel Hair 'SVO' AM/AOS x Paph. Mt. Toro 'SVO II' AM/AOS)

This is a good cross for flowers with a white dorsal and bold burgundy stripes.  Petals should be light yellow with burgundy spots and a red pouch. As a bonus, you can expect five flowers per stem! The parents are recently awarded and of excellent quality, and this cross will produce superb results.
4” pots $30

SVO 5465
Paph. NEW HYBRID (Paph. rothschildianum 'Raja Kumis' FCC/AOS x Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'SVO')

Superb line breeding!  The spectacular 'Raja Kumis', which means “big moustache,” was the first to receive an FCC from the cross of ('Rex' x 'Mt. Milais'), well ahead of the other awards to this outstanding pairing.  Johanna Burkhardt (Paph. rothschildianum x Paph. adductum v. anitum) is the very best in my collection, with a commanding presence and five very large flowers of striking shape and color.  These are going to look like huge dark colored rothschildianums with huge dorsal sepals.  Expect five flowers on strong upright stems.  Plants are robust growers.
4” pots $30

SVO 5467
Paph. NEW HYBRID (Paph. bellatulum 'SVO' AM/AOS x Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'SVO')

Although I have never shown the Johanna Burkhardt, it is of award quality, with five very large flowers of striking shape and color.  The bellatulum has tremendous vigor and produces a superbly formed flower with excellent spots. These are growing really well, and I expect flowers to exceed the quality of the famous Paph. Rolfei (rothschildianum x bellatulum). The first one has been bloomed by Bergen Todd in Washington, just spectacular!!! Here is the picture  PIC
4” pots $30

SVO 5534
Paph. NEW HYBRID (Paph. Shin-Yi's Pride 'SVO' AM/AOS x Paph. Johanna Burkhardt 'SVO')

All I can say is WOW!!! The Shin-Yi's Pride blooms with up to five flowers and has a 5 cm wide dorsal, long petals and an amazing dark red pouch. The Johanna Burkhardt is of award quality, and its shape and color are excellent, with 5 very large flowers and a commanding presence. This is really going to be a great cross! Large flowers and superb color, with a high flower count.
4” pots $30

SVO 5955
Paph. NEW HYBRID (Paph. Angel Hair 'SVO' AM/AOS x Paph. parishii 'Andy')

This Angel Hair (Saint Swithin x sanderianum) has an exceptionally wide dorsal and petals that can reach 13” long!  Paph. parishii 'Andy' produces 8-9 flowers, beautifully arranged on an arching inflorescence.  The expectation is for flowers a bit like Paph. Sander's Parish (parishii x sanderianum).  However, with the added influence of Saint Swithin (rothschildianum x philippinense), we are expecting improved dorsal size, color and shape, while adding more flowers.  Another nice feature is excellent vigor, with a fast growth habit from the parishii parent.
4” pots $30



SVO 5169
Paph. Magic Lantern (Paph. delenatii 'SVO V' HCC/AOS x Paph. micranthum 'Commodious')

This was the first Parvi hybrid I saw in bloom, many years ago. What an inspiration that was, and the memory still motivates me today. Expect beautiful pink/rose flowers with petals having darker rose tessellation and a large bulbous pouch. This is an excellent hybrid and well worth having in any collection. Check out the picture of 'Commodious' 1541 – it's fantastic! Blooming size plants.  First to bloom.
4” pots $30

SVO 5174
Paph. Samantha Lowry (Paph. Ho Chi Minh x Paph. delenatii 'Pink Pearl')

Ho Chi Minh (Paph. vietnamense x Paph. delenatii) flowers look like an extra large delenatii, and the plants are very easy to grow. 'Pink Pearl' is one of the modern delenatii: it has full shape with wide, flat, dark pink petals and a darker pink lip. This cross will produce plants what look like a “Super Delenatii.” Large pink flowers with darker pink lips on vigorous plants. These are easy to grow and flower, and the plants offered here are blooming size.
4” pots $25

SVO 5460
Paph. Carolyn Butcher (Paph. Fanaticum 'SVO Chunky Monkey' AM/AOS x Paph. delenatii 'SVO VIII' AM/AOS)

This Fanaticum (malipoense x micranthum) has excellent shape and flower color - check out the picture. It is also a strong grower and bloomer. The delenatii comes from a superior, vigorous strain, with 8 individual plants receiving AOS awards to date. The pollen parent, 'SVO VIII,' received the most recent AM/AOS to this species. I expect the flowers to be a light pink color with petals that are boldly tessellated and spotted dark lavender, and a white pouch with a lavender blush. Easy to grow, and these plants are blooming size. Last spring, three plants from a similar cross (SVO 5170) received AOS awards. Check out the pictures in that listing.
4” pots $30

SVO 5464
Paph. Francisco Baptista (Paph. Mem. Larry Heuer 'SVO Giant' x Paph. Norito Hasegawa 'Sunshine')

These exhibit considerable influence from malipoense.  Mem. Larry Heuer is (malipoense x emersonii) and Norito Hasegawa is (malipoense x armeniacum).  These will be buttery yellow flowers with large rounded pouches.
4” pots $30

SVO 5466 
Paph. Emma Decker (Paph. Fumi's Delight 'SVO Lemon Cream Puff' x Paph. malipoense 'Vic's First' AM/AOS)

Fumi's Delight (armeniacum x micranthum) is a great primary hybrid, with boldly marked petals and a yellow pouch.  'Vic's First' is an exceptionally well-formed flower with excellent color and shape.  I am expecting beautifully-formed flowers in yellow/green colors.  First to bloom Picture
4” pots $35

SVO 5469
Paph. Samantha Lowry (Paph. delenatii 'SVO' AM/AOS x Paph. Ho Chi Minh 'SVO' HCC/AOS)

In this version of Samantha Lowry, Paph delenatii 'SVO' was used as the capsule parent. This cultivar has full shape with wide, flat, dark pink petals and a darker pink lip. Ho Chi Minh (vietnamense x delenatii) flowers look like an extra large delenatii on very easy-to-grow plants. This cross will make plants that I would describe as a “Super Delenatii.” Large pink flowers with darker pink lips on vigorous plants. These are easy to grow and flower. The plants are growing really well and are near blooming size.
4” pots $25

SVO 5913
Paph. Alois Handlbauer (Paph. Fanaticum 'Chunky Monkey' AM/AOS x Paph. hangianum 'SVO A+')

Ok - how cool is this?   This is one of those crosses that really speaks for itself.  Big flowers, velvety texture, great color.  Take a look - here is the first to flower! Pic
4” pots $35


Maudiae Types


SVO 5736
Paph. NEW HYBRID [Paph. (Meon x Oriental Enchantment) 'SVO' x Paph. Dire Wolf 'SVO']

I'm impressed by how large the flowers of Dire Wolf are, with huge dorsals in pure white and green stripes, with clear green petals and pouch. The (Meon x Oriental Enchantment) is similar in coloration, with a slightly smaller flower, but it has a very strong, straight stem that holds the flower well.  Expect large flowers in a superb green color with dorsals of white and green. Very nice blooming size plants.  Reciprocal is SVO 5739. Check out this first to bloom Picture
4” pots $20

SVO 5739
Paph. NEW HYBRID [Paph. Dire Wolf 'SVO' x Paph. (Meon x Oriental Enchantment) 'SVO']

The flowers of Dire Wolf are impressively large, with huge dorsals in pure white and green stripes, and the petals and pouch a clear green. The (Meon x Oriental Enchantment) is similar in coloration, with a slightly smaller flower and a very strong, straight stem that holds the flower well.  Expect large flowers in a beautiful green color with dorsals of white and green. Very nice  blooming size plants.  Reciprocal is SVO 5736. Several of this cross bloomed in a color form called either 'Ghost or 'Platinum'  this a very rare color here is a  Picture
4” pots $20

SVO 5740
Paph. Julia Koch (Paph. President Fred 'SVO' x Paph. Macabre 'Mother Mary')

Great striped dorsal and wide petals covered with burgundy spots. The Macabre has exceptional petal width and overall shape. The President Fred has excellent dark color, spotted petals and is a great grower. Near blooming size plants. Picture
4” pots $20

SVO 5741
Paph. Suzy Star (Paph. Hsinying Malone 'SVO' x Paph. Dire Wolf 'SVO')

Dire Wolf has a huge dorsal in clear, clean white with green stripes, and the pouch and petals are pure green. It really is an impressive flower! The Hsinying Malone (Macabre x Hsinying Dragon) is also an excellent green and white flower with extra wide petals - very showy! The offspring should have huge dorsals and wide petals. Blooming size.
4” pots $20

SVO 5967 
Paph. Hsinying Majakum (Paph. Janet Kunkle 'Green Goddess' x Paph. Maudiae 'Green Giant')

The makeup of the parents is: Janet Kunkle (Mem. Allegria Gutierrez x Maudiae) and Maudiae (callosum x lawrenceanum).  Flowers will have a light icy green dorsal sepal, vertically striped in dark green, and pure green pouches, all on strong upright stems.  Blooming size plants.  First to bloom Pic
4” pots $20



SVO 5874
Paph. Nancy Depauw (Paph. Barbie's Candy 'Snow Cap' x Paph. fairrieanum 'Little White Fairy')

Here is something different! This breeding is for mini-Paphs, which will stay small and bloom at a young age. This is a very interesting cross - one of those 'fun' hybrids that everyone should try. Very easy to grow and flower, these plants will be space saving and produce clumps in pots no bigger than 4”. Blooming size.  Just look how nice these flowers have been Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3
4” pots $20 

SVO 5876
Paph. Nancy Depauw (Paph. fairrieanum 'Little White Fairy' x Paph. Barbie's Candy 'Snow Cap')

This is the reciprocal of SVO 5874. Could we see more influence of farrieanum with this version? Blooming size. Here are some picture from this one Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3
4” pots $20

SVO 5915 
Paph. Concon Bell (Paph. Conco-bellatulum 'SVO II' AM/AOS x Paph. bellatulum 'SVO' AM/AOS)

The Conco-bellatulum has a well-formed flower with a uniform light yellow color and maroon spotting.  It also has the highly desirable qualities of being a reliable grower and bloomer.  The bellatulum is a vigorous grower, and, when awarded, it had 6 flowers on 4 inflorescences.  The white flowers are well-rounded with dark burgundy spots.  This is a nice Brachy hybrid; they are growing really well and have reached maturity quickly.  Blooming size plants. Here is the first plant to flower Picture
4” pots $25 



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.


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