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Cattleya Species

If you're a collector looking for unique and highly sought-after Cattleya species, look no further. Sunset Valley Orchids has been collecting and breeding some of the finest cultivars available. Over the years, we have amassed over 700 selected species plants, including rare and desirable color forms that are not commonly available to hobbyists. We believe these plants represent the best of the best! Don't miss the opportunity to get these rare beauties.

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SVO 8065t
B. perrinii (B. perrinii 'SVO 18' x B. perrinii 'Ruben')

B. perrinii 'Ruben' flowers with 25 blooms on a single stem, and 'SVO 18' carries up to 18 flowers. These plants are siblings, and both have exceptionally high flower counts, considering that this species usually blooms with 8-9 flowers per stem. When unusually high flower counts appear, it is often best to self the plant. In this case, we made a sibling cross, since 'SVO 18' had significantly better shape and a large lip (unfortunately I did not take a picture of 'SVO 18'). These are excellent when grown mounted or in hanging baskets. They grow well in the heat and humidity of summer and prefer to keep their roots dryer in winter. A must-have for you Brassavola collectors! These have been treated with oryzalin (t) to increase the potential for higher ploidy to the offspring.
3” pots $25

B. perrinii 'SVO 18 B. perrinii 'Ruben'


SVO 9409
C. aclandiae 4n (C. aclandiae 'Kathleen III' AM/AOS x self)

C. aclandiae 'Kathleen III' is one of the finest examples of this species. This selfing will produce excellent offspring.
3” pots $30

C. aclandiae 'Kathleen III' AM/AOS self


SVO 9532            
C. dowiana (C. dowiana 'Midas Touch' AM/AOS x self)

C. dowiana 'Midas Touch' was awarded in 1988 with a natural spread of 6” across (15.4 cm). Even after 36 years it still has not been surpassed.
3” pots $30

C. dowiana 'Midas Touch' AM/AOS self


SVO 9533t           
C. dowiana (C. dowiana 'Midas Touch' AM/AOS x self)

C. dowiana 'Midas Touch' was awarded in 1988 with a natural spread of 6” across (15.4 cm). Even after 36 years it still has not been surpassed. These protocorms have been treated (t) with oryzalin, a chemical used to convert diploids into tetraploids. Hoping to get some amazing plants!
3” pots $35

C. dowiana 'Midas Touch' AM/AOS self


SVO 9534       
C. dowiana (C. dowiana 'Midas Touch Too' x self)

Outstanding! This is the sister plant to 'Midas Touch' and is very similar but never shown for an AOS award. The protocorms were treated with oryzalin (t), a chemical used to increase chromosome count and improve the possibility that some of these will be tetraploid.
3” pots $35


SVO 9547            
L. tenebrosa (L. tenebrosa 'Bill's Choice' x L. tenebrosa 'Windflower' AM/AOS)

This is one of my favorite species. The flowers are huge, and the best have outstanding red/bronze petals and sepals with a spectacular purple lip! 'Bill's Choice' is truly exceptional - the width of the petals and the lip color are off the charts! 'Windflower' is a very fine example of nearly perfect, flat petals with superb flower presentation on sturdy stems. An effective breeding technique is to match plants with different outstanding attributes, aiming for offspring that express the best traits of both parents.
3” pots $25

L. tenebrosa 'Bill's Choice' L. tenebrosa 'Windflower' AM/AOS


SVO 9591            
C. warscewiczii f. coeruela (C. warscewiczii f. coerulea 'Paul' FCC/AOS x self)

'Paul' is quite possibly the finest warscewiczii f. coerulea. The FCC says it all about the quality of the flowers, and this selfing has tremendous promise. Also available as SVO 9544.
3” pots $35

C. warscewiczii f. coerulea 'Paul' FCC/AOS self


SVO 9704
L. alaorii (L. alaorii 'SVO II' x self)

A fantastic miniature species that is rarely offered. These small plants stand just 2” tall and bloom reliably twice a year. Larger specimens often flower three times each year. Perfect for mounting or growing in small baskets.
3” pots $25

L. alaorii 'SVO II' self


SVO 9787            
C. walkeriana (C. walkeriana 'SVO Passion' AM/AOS x C. walkeriana ('Tipo' x Puanani') 'Richard')

'SVO Passion is proving to be a good breeder. Its offspring are vigorous growers and reach maturity quickly. 'Richard' came from a cross of 'Tipo', the lavender color form, and the  semi-alba 'Puanani'. 'Richard' is a rather large full-shaped tipo walkeriana and was one of the best growers of the cross. Somehow, I did not get a photo of it!  These are growing very well and looking good.
3” pots $20

C. walkeriana 'SVO Passion' AM/AOS C. walkeriana ('Tipo' x Puanani') 'Richard'


SVO 9788     
C. walkeriana (C. walkeriana 'Top Chair' x C. walkeriana 'The Chairman' AM/AOS)

The cultivar 'Top Chair' resulted from the pairing of 'Dayane Wenzel' HCC/AOS and 'The Chairman' AM/AOS. It has rich, dark color and a broad, flat lip. Breeding it back to its pollen parent should increase flower size. These are exhibiting good vigor and developing into beautiful plants.
3” pots $20

C. walkeriana 'Top Chair' C. walkeriana 'The Chairman' AM/AOS


SVO 9790            
C. walkeriana ( C. walkeriana ('Sakura Snowball' x 'Perfect Blush') x C. walkeriana 'Tokyo No.1' AM/AOS)

Semi-alba walkeriana are very collectable. This cross represents the next level in breeding this color form. Here we are using some of the finest breeding from H&R Nurseries. C. walkeriana ('Sakura Snowball' x 'Perfect Blush') has the slightest pink blush and a darker lip. Here this parent is combined with the famous and quite possibly still the best semi-alba, 'Tokyo #1' AM/AOS. We believe that this will lead to some very fine cultivars of the desirable semi-alba form. Some plants may produce lovely blush pink flowers with red lips.
3” pots $25

C. walkeriana ('Sakura Snowball' x 'Perfect Blush') C. walkeriana 'Tokyo No.1' AM/AOS


SVO 9854            
Diacm. (Caul.) bicornutum  (x self)

Recent nomenclature changes have now reclassified this as Caularthron (Caul.) bicornutum. On a trip to Trinidad and Tobago not too long ago I was reminded of my fascination with Caul. bicornutum. In the early 1990's I made many first- and second- and a few third-generation hybrids with this species. At the time, I collected many good examples for breeding, and 'SVO' is the best, with excellent flower size and shape as well as high flower count. I am pleased to offer these selfings, as they have become quite rare in collections. Growing bicornutum well requires that the roots dry out between waterings. Best results are obtained by using very coarse potting media or growing them in a hanging basket. In nature, the wet season is May through October, and plants should be watered and fertilized frequently during this period. From November through April, water about half as frequently as other plants to assure root survival and maintain humidity at 50%. Repotting should only be done in the spring with the onset of new root growth. If you are a Cattleya species grower, this is a must-have.
3” pots $30

Diacm. bicornutum 'SVO AM/AOS' self


SVO 9903            
C. aclandiae (C. aclandiae 'Gulfglade' AM/AOS x C. aclandiae 'Verde' AM/AOS)

Premium quality aclandiae cross! 'Gulfglade' is still one of the largest ever awarded at 10.5 cm natural spread, and 'Verde' has excellent shape with very flat segments. Top quality here!
3” pots $25

C. aclandiae 'Gulfglade' AM/AOS C. aclandiae 'Verde' AM/AOS


SVO 9934            
C. luteola 4N (C. luteola 'Yes a 4N' x self)

Our customers have been asking for this, and we finally have it! Here are some pointers for growing this species. In nature, its natural habitat is in the Amazon basin. This is a lowland area, so ideal temperatures range from lows of 65 to highs of 85. C. luteola prefers lower light levels than most Cattleyas and likes a well-drained open potting mix. Basket culture is often very successful. Not commonly offered for sale.
3” pots $25

C. luteola 'Yes a 4N' self


SVO 9972t
C. warneri f. alba (C. warneri f. alba 'Claire' AM/AOS x C. warneri f. alba 'Newberry' AM/AOS)

The parents are outstanding and represent the best quality available today in the alba form of this species. Here is a great opportunity to possibly get a tetraploid warneri alba, as the protocorms were treated with oryzalin (t) to improve that possibility.
3” pots $30


SVO 10037          
Enc. phoenicea (Enc. phoenicea 'FloraFarm' AM/AOS x Enc. phoenicea 'SVO Hot Lips')

This must be my all-time favorite Encyclia. It has branched inflorescences with lots of blooms, great flower color, and best of all a strong chocolate-vanilla fragrance. The plant 'FloraFarm' was awarded in 1987 and is a great grower with flowers showing excellent shape. The cultivar 'SVO Hot Lips' has a broad, darker-than-normal red lip. With this pairing we are expecting the progeny to have a vigorous plant habit and dark flower color. This is one of the most collectable Encyclia species.
3” pots $25

Enc. phoenicea 'FloraFarm' AM/AOS Enc. phoenicea 'SVO Hot Lips'


L. anceps (L. anceps 'SanBar Gloriosa' FCC/AOS x L. anceps 'South Africa')

We have tried for years to set a capsule on the magnificent 'SanBar Gloriosa', and when we finally succeeded, the pollen parent was one of our best anceps. 'South Africa' has flower with excellent shape, and the large bloom size makes this even better! Expect 50% of the progeny to exhibit the f. lineata flower type.  These have huge potential to be spectacular.
3” pots $30

L. anceps 'SanBar Gloriosa' FCC/AOS L. anceps 'South Africa'


L. anceps (L. anceps 'Helen' HCC/AOS x L. anceps f. petaloid 'Jody')

Petaloid anceps are 'hot property'!  This grex combines the proven breeding characteristics of 'Helen' with 'Jody', the best of the petaloid types. Color will range from light pink to white, and about 50% of the progeny will express the petaloid form and produce 3-4 flowers. Very collectable.
3” pots $30

L. anceps 'Helen' HCC/AOS L. anceps f. petaloid 'Jody'



SVO 9674  
(L. anceps 'Disciplinata' HCC/AOS x L. anceps 'Gigas Flair')
‘Disciplinata’ is one of the original and still considered by many as they type for fma. lineata anceps.  By crossing it to ‘Gigas Flair’ with its outrageously wide petals might just deliver the best shaped lineata types seen….
3” pots $30

L. anceps 'Disciplinata' HCC/AOS L. anceps 'Gigas Flair'



SVO 9673  
(L. anceps 'Gigas Flair' x L. anceps 'Ultimo')

‘Gigas Flair’ parents are 'SVO Flair' x 'Gigas'. Both parents are diploid and were wild collected years ago.  For a diploid, ‘Gigas Flair is outstanding, the wide petals are to die for! ‘Ultimo’ is a 4n and needs little introduction; it was popularized by Cal-Orchid and sired many fine cultivars. This combination is designed for improved flower shape and color, with wide petals, dark colored flowers and a bit of darker flaring on the tips of the petals. Expect mature plants to produce 4 and possibly 5 flowers.
3” pots  $25

L. anceps 'Gigas Flair' L. anceps 'Ultimo'
Other Species Plants

SVO 9536     NEW    
(Aslla. gigantea 'SVO' x Aslla. gigantea 'Dark Warrior')

‘SVO’ has very large flowers produced on impressive branched inflorescences, the flowers are bright yellow with bold spots and a clear yellow lip. ‘Dark Warrior’ is a recent introduction to our breeding; it has massive flowers, wide segments and coalescing boldly colored spotting with a branching upright inflorescence. Top quality breeding!
3” pots  $25

Aslla. gigantea 'SVO' Aslla. gigantea 'Dark Warrior'

SVO 9537     NEW    
(Aslla. gigantea 'Nelspruit' x Aslla. gigantea 'Dark Warrior')

‘Nelspruit’ is also a new addition from Afri-Orchids noted breeding lines; it has an outstanding flower count, heavily branched inflorescences and flowers with nearly solid color, with just a little yellow showing through. Of special note is the dark color on the side of the lip, which is rare in Ansellias. Could ‘Nelspruit’ be the key to unlock and develop sold dark flower color? ‘Dark Warrior’ has massive flowers, wide segments and coalescing boldly colored spotting with a branching upright inflorescence. This pairing is targeting for nearly solid dark colored flowers, and lots of them!
3” pots  $25

Aslla. gigantea 'Nelspruit' Aslla. gigantea 'Dark Warrior'


Tet 24      NEW    
Den. aberrans (Den. aberrans '#1' x Den. aberrans '#2')

This is a super cool mini-Dendrobium, mature plants are just 3” tall.  Mature plants fit well in a 3” pot.  The long lasting, white flowers are ¾” across, with 4-5 blooms held above the foliage on wiry stems.  A notable feature of this species is that the new growth and the old growths produce inflorescences that will continue to re-flower for many years!  Expect blooms in January and February.  This species makes an excellent subject for indoor growing. The temperature should range from 62-66F at night to 72-80F in the day. In its natural habitat, rainfall is year-round with a slightly drier condition in winter. Water to keep the potting media from drying out completely, and in winter just watering a little less, that is all that is needed!
3” pots $25




** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

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