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Sunset Valley Orchids Catasetinae Plant Offering

Species: For many years, we have been dedicated to collecting and selecting the finest Catasetinae species. Our breeding program has made many significant developments, overcoming the challenge of breeding orchids with sexually dimorphic flowers. We are proud to present an impressive list of Catasetinae species for this year, showcasing the high quality of our breeding stock and our deep passion for these beautiful plants.

Cycnoches: Our Cycnoches breeding program has reached new heights, resulting in a spectacular offering of plants that will produce elegant swan-shaped blooms. These new crosses have been carefully selected for their plant vigor and exceptional flower color and quality, and they are sure to impress you with their fast growth and ability to reach blooming size in 3” pots. This is the perfect year to acquire some of these breathtaking orchids.

Mini-Catasetum: The success of our "mini-Catasetum" crosses and the positive feedback from collectors have inspired us to further develop this category. In addition to being compact growers, these plants consistently flower 2-4 times a year. Our new list is the deepest and broadest we have offered, featuring many promising new crosses to choose from.

Mormodes: Also known as goblin orchids, Mormodes have gained significant attention for their upright displays of strange-shaped flowers in vibrant colors. These new crosses are sure to be a hit, as they are some of the last Catasetinae to bloom each season and will impress you with their unique appearance. We can hardly contain our excitement as we wait to see these bloom.

Clowesia: The offspring of Clowesia plants are known for their multiple cascading inflorescences, full flower shape, lovely fragrance, impressive flower longevity, and reduced plant size. We are capitalizing on these desirable characteristics in a wide variety of crosses, including the highly-sought-after Cl. Rebecca Northen and Cl. Grace Dunn, which are now available. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add these beautiful orchids to your collection.

Of special note: We are once again breaking new ground in Catasetinae breeding with our Catamodes offerings. Be sure to take a look at these exciting new crosses and see what they have to offer.

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What a great year for Catasetinae, we are sold out.  The new list will be posted in early July 


>>>>>>Click Here for New Catasetinae Divisions<<<<<




** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.

Catasetinae Divisions

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