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Miscellaneous Genera

SVO 9845     NEW
Zga. Adelaide Meadows (Zga. Adelaide Meadows 'SVO' x Self)

This cross was originally made registered in 1993, that’s 20 years ago!  It made a huge impact on me and sparked my interest in Zygopetalum breeding. The flower color, shape, and plant habit are unique in orchids. I have always liked the ‘different’ kind of plants and this grex blew my mind!  The combination of green petals and sepals with a stunning purple (or even possibly red) lip is truly exceptional, and totally different. The parents of Adelaide Meadows are (Zygo. Titanic x Zga. Dynamo).  ‘SVO’ has been in my breeding collection for years; it is a great grower and reliably blooms twice per year.  As of 12/12/2022, these are in spike now!
4” pots $25

Zga. Adelaide Meadows 'SVO' Zga. Adelaide Meadows 'SVO'

SVO 7986       
Den. NEW HYBRID (Den. (Adastra x parishii) 'SVO' x self)

When I saw this in bloom, I was wowed by its 'cute factor'. The fragrant purple flowers smell like sweet raspberries, and the blooms develop on short stems along the prior year's bulbs. For best plant culture, understanding and applying a seasonal wet/dry pattern will give the best results. These plants do well on mounts, as they want to be drier from December-March. For us, watering about every 2 weeks during this period works best, and then from April-November we water almost every day. These small-growing plants also flower in May and June, a time when not much else is in bloom.
Mounted on Cork $25

Den. (Adastra x parishii) 'Tropical Berry' self



Vandoglossum NEW HYBRID (Holc. subulifolium x V. miniata)
Holcoglossum subulifolium has large branching spikes of white flowers. Vanda miniata is a small growing Vanda with spikes of 30-40 bright orange round flowers. With this hybrid we are expecting compact plants with many-flowered spikes carrying cream to yellow flowers. This hybrid will be cool tolerant, and will take temperatures down into the 50’s deg F. This compact hybrid can also be grown indoors on a bright windowsill. Check out the first to bloom!!! PICTURE
3” pots $25

SVO 9536     NEW    
(Aslla. gigantea 'SVO' x Aslla. gigantea 'Dark Warrior')

‘SVO’ has very large flowers produced on impressive branched inflorescences, the flowers are bright yellow with bold spots and a clear yellow lip. ‘Dark Warrior’ is a recent introduction to our breeding; it has massive flowers, wide segments and coalescing boldly colored spotting with a branching upright inflorescence. Top quality breeding!
3” pots  $25

Aslla. gigantea 'SVO' Aslla. gigantea 'Dark Warrior'

SVO 9537     NEW    
(Aslla. gigantea 'Nelspruit' x Aslla. gigantea 'Dark Warrior')

‘Nelspruit’ is also a new addition from Afri-Orchids noted breeding lines; it has an outstanding flower count, heavily branched inflorescences and flowers with nearly solid color, with just a little yellow showing through. Of special note is the dark color on the side of the lip, which is rare in Ansellias. Could ‘Nelspruit’ be the key to unlock and develop sold dark flower color? ‘Dark Warrior’ has massive flowers, wide segments and coalescing boldly colored spotting with a branching upright inflorescence. This pairing is targeting for nearly solid dark colored flowers, and lots of them!
3” pots  $25

Aslla. gigantea 'Nelspruit' Aslla. gigantea 'Dark Warrior'

Spathoglottis Cherry Blossom 'Pink Sakura'     NEW    
This is our first offering of a Spathoglottis. When I saw this blooming for the first time I was awestruck!!! It was the most amazing spike of pink flowers imaginable. The parents of this clone are (Spa. Menehune x Spa. eburnea).  These plants are easy to grow and flower, they like lots of water and light in the summer and dryer in the winter (when most of the leaves drop off).  The sturdy upright flower spikes bloom for months on end!  I believe we are the only nursery in the USA offering these.  Blooming size plants to flower this summer.
4” pots $30

Spathoglottis Cherry Blossom 'Pink Sakura'  


1196     NEW    
(Holcoglossum subulifolium x Rhynchostylis gigantea)

H. subulifolium has large branching sprays of white flowers.  R. gigantea has a many flowered inflorescences.  These should have showy flowers that are nicely fragrant!    This intergeneric cross will handle intermediate temperatures.
3” pots $20

4” pots $30

Te 1215    NEW    
(Holcoglossum subulifolium x Phalaenopsis stuartiana)

This is sure to be a fascinating intergeneric Holconopsis cross.  Both species have branching sprays of white flowers.  When mature expect 2-3 branching spikes with a multitude of flowers!
3” pots $20

4” pots $30

Teq 2864    NEW    
(Holcoglossum subulifolium x Vanda miniata)

Vanda miniata is a miniature species with tiny orange flowers.  These should bloom on compact plants with flowers in shades of cream, yellow, or peach.
3” pots $20

4” pots $30

Tet 187     NEW    
(Holcoglossum subulifolium x Vanda coerulescens)

Another great Holcoglossum hybrid!  These should bloom with branching sprays of light blue flowers.  Some may be scented.
4” pots $30

Teq 2410    NEW    
(Vanda curvifolia x Vanda cristata)

This is a remake of Vanda Rumrill.  Expect compact plants with 3-5 short spikes of orange flowers with deep red lips
4” pots $30

Te 1212    NEW    
(Holcoglossum subulifolium x Renanthera monachica)

Another great intergeneric cross!  R. monachica is a dwarf species that blooms with orange flowers with red dots.  Expect branching sprays of yellow to peach flowers, some with red spots!
3” pots $20

4” pots $30

Tet 276    NEW    
(Holcoglossum rupestre x Vanda curvifolia)

H. rupestre is a dwarf species with round white flowers.  Here you can expect 2-3 spikes of peach to orange round flowers.
3” pots $20

4” pots $30

Tet 212    NEW    
(Vanda falcata x Luisia thailandica)

Definitely an unusual cross!  V. falcata is a miniature that blooms with night fragrant white flowers.  Luisia is an interesting species with terete leaves and small flowers that appear at the leaf axils.  The flowers are green with a black-red lip!
3” pots $20

4” pots $30

Te 190    NEW    
(Holcoglossum rupestre x Acampe joiceyana (now Trichoglottis)

This should be a dwarf cool to intermediate grower.  Expect many short spikes of white flowers with purple spots.
4” pots $30

Te 070    NEW    
(Holcoglossum subulifolium x Papilionanthe teres)

These should be medium to tall growers with terete leaves.  Expect flowers to be light pink.
3” pots $20

4” pots $30



** Some pictures are representative of the cross and not actual parents.



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