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Welcome to our Website

Why we love what we do at Sunset Valley Orchids

Orchid hobbyists from around the world have realized how rewarding flowering Orchid hybrids can be. Imagine blooming your new hybrid plant and knowing you will be the first person ever to see those flowers!  How cool is that? You’ll have a one-of-a-kind plant unique to your collection, like an original piece of art.

We hybridize with the orchid hobbyist in mind and for ourselves as we are also orchid hobbyists. The breeding lines are focused on four primary areas:
•           Plants that are easy to grow and bloom
•           Plants that are compact in size
•           Flowers of new colors and shapes
•           Flowers that are exhibition quality

Our favorite areas of hybridizing are dedicated to the development of the: Cattleya, Catasetinae, Australian Native Dendrobiums and Paphiopedilums alliance. We also like several other groups: Sarcochilus, Zygopetalum Alliance, and some others soon to be revealed.

We have had a long-term commitment in the development of our Cattleya breeding program; it’s spanned over 40 years. Our creative abilities have developed many new and unique hybrids. Orchid hobbyists can attest to this, as hundreds of awards have been given to their plants originating from our breeding lines. Our passion for breeding drives us; we are constantly exploring and discovering new combinations providing the latest and most promising hybrids available. This commitment is evident with our Cattleya breeding. Ask your orchid friends about us, we believe you will find a high level of satisfaction!

In recent years, orchid hobbyists have realized how rewarding the Catasetinae alliance can be. We believe at Sunset Valley Orchids that every orchid hobbyist has a place for these unique plants in their collections.  As the top breeder of this group, we lead with cutting edge breeding, developing and breaking new boundaries for orchid enthusiasts worldwide. The development of the “blackest orchid seen,” Fredclarkeara After Dark (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. Donna Wise), captured a great deal of attention.  The next generations of Catasetinae hybrids we are dreaming of will be even more spectacular. Grow some and be part of that dream!

We take pride in offering only the best grown plants. All of our orchid hybrids are grown from seed; we raise them to maturity in our 48,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space. Our rigorous selection process allows for the strongest plants to be advanced through each phase of the production cycle. This process starts in the lab, at de-flasking, throughout the up-potting, and then carries through to maturity. This rigorous process assures that we offer only the healthiest, most vigorous plants for sale.

Nothing makes us happier than to hear from our customers sharing their joy and satisfaction from blooming our hybrids.  We work hard, as we want you to become a customer for life. We believe our breeding stock is exceptional. Please plan to spend a bit of time looking at our orchid listing, it is broad and deep. The beautiful pictures of the parents and the extensive descriptions are there to help you visualize the artistic potential of each hybrid. We have spent hundreds of hours developing these new crosses, creating an opportunity for you to acquire one-of-a-kind, unique plants for your orchid collection.

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Fred Clarke

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