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The new 2015 Cattleya list in now posted

This list represents some of the best new Cattleya breeding available.  Please take extra time to review each of the Cattleya plant categories as there many wonderful offerings.  The hybrid descriptions should give you a good idea of the potential of each cross.  I am always available to answer questions, so please feel free to Email or call me.

We have recently updated these sections:

2015/2016 Australian Dendrobium and Sarcochilus list 20 Nov, 2015
Flask List 19 Nov, 2015
and Catasetinae divisions 26 Sep 2015

Added 4" plants in Catasetinae, Cattleyas, Cattleya Species and Dendrobiums 9 Aug 2015
Plant Specials 16 July 2015
147 New Photos 8 July 2015
New Cattleya Mini added 28 June, 2015

Welcome to our Website

Sunset Valley Orchids is a firm dedicated to the breeding of orchids. Our breeding lines are focused in three ways:  1) the development of new flower colors and shapes:  2) vigorous, robust, and compact growing plants: 3) AOS award quality flowers.

Our primary effort is in the hybridizing of the Cattleya, Catasetinae, Australian Native Dendrobiums and Paphiopedilums. We also have several other smaller genera that we are working with like Sarcochilus, Zygopetalum and Stanhopea.

Orchid hobbyists from around the world have realized how interesting the Catasetinae alliance is. Sunset Valley Orchids is the top breeders of the genus and our plants have been shipped and growing worldwide. The development of the “blackest orchid seen” the Fredclarkeara After Dark (Mo. Painted Desert x Ctsm. Donna Wise) has really captured attention. The expectation for the next generation of Catasetinae hybrids is spectacular!

Our Cattleya breeding has been under development for over 25 years and our efforts have developed many unique hybrids as well as hundreds of AOS awards. At Sunset Valley Orchids we do something different, we hybridize for the orchid hobbyist, not the mass market.  This requires that we do something different, and it distinguished us and our customers from the mass market orchids.  Our specialty is compact sized cattleyas where the plants are less than 12” tall and bloom in 4” pots.  We also breed miniature and standard sizes.

All our Orchid hybrids are grown from seed in our laboratory at the nursery and we raise them to maturity in our 45,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space (just over an acre).

At Sunset Valley Orchids we take pride in offering only the best grown plants. We have a rigorous selection process where only the best plants are advanced in each phase of the production cycle. This process starts in the lab with replating, de-flasking, up potting and through to maturity. Only the most vigorous plants are offered for sale.

Please take some time to look at the orchid listings and the pictures of the parents. You will see our breeding stock is exceptional; this is an exciting orchid hybrid list of high potential.

E-mail , I enjoy talking orchids.

Fred Clarke

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