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Plant Offerings

Catasetinae Divisions


We have started making divisions! These are the first to be ready, there will be many more to come.

Keep an eye on this division page as we will be making regular updates. 

The divisions are limited and in many cases there is just one plant available. 

This is a unique opportunity to acquire those ‘one of a kind’ and truly exceptional plants.  

 Please e-mail your request:

2 b + growth,   Fdk. After Dark ‘SVO Black Knight’ FCC/AOS   $250
2 b + growth,   Ctsm. Frilly Doris ‘SVO’ AM/AOS   $100
3b + growth,    (Mo. Leopard Drops x Ctsm. Donna Wise) ‘NICE’    $65
3 b + growth,   (Ctsm. Frilly Doris x Ctsm. lucis)   ‘SELECT’    $65
2 b + growth,    Ctsm. Frilly Doris ‘SVO’ HCC/AOS     $75
3 b + growth,   Clo. Manny Tavarez     $65
4 b + growth,   Fdk. After Hours ‘Late Bloomer’      $75
6 b + growth,    Ctsm. Dragons Teeth ‘SVO’ AM/AOS      $100
3 b + growth,   Ctsm. Edgardo A. Pauneto ‘Dark Stripes’    $75
2 b + growth,   Clo. Jumbo Glory ‘Jumbo Orchids’       $85
3 b + growth,   Ctsm. tabulare ‘SVO’        $85
1 b + growth,   Fdk. After Dark ‘SVO Black Pearl’ FCC/AOS     $200


**Discount schedule does not apply to divisions

Please contact me directly regarding your request for divisions.



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